Saturday, February 23, 2013

Goofing Around

Robot sketch. India ink and watercolor. Done as a prelim for a painting; to be a goofy robot for a cool , brand new baby.

Mechanical beings occupied some of the past week. I get a charge out of Jules Verne and H.G. Wells novels, and recently finished Journey to the Center of the Earth. How that played into this week's foray into robots is pretty indirect, but connected.

The first sketch.

The full color sketch. Watercolor and india ink.
For this fellow I used a human skeleton, an old photo of a Victorian gentleman, and a bottle of clock parts as resources.

Another sketch, a little less steam-punky. Resources: An antique engraving of a locomotive and one of a diving suit and the bottle of clock parts.

The Victorian robot won the right to be the final painting.

Nico's Robot. Acrylic on canvas, 4" x 12". Private collection.
The first non-landscape I've done using greyed colors and a gamut range. A little steampunk gloom is always good for a newborn's nursery, right?

Thanks for reading!

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