Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Thinking Aloud

 A yet-to-be-finished, or titled, work (detail)

I think I'm getting there--wherever "there" is.

February Snow. Acrylic on wood, 4" x 4". Private collection.

The exploration continues. Applying the Yurmby color wheel and gamut ranges to small paintings has been fun and I'm terrifically excited. These three works were done using printers primaries--cyan, yellow, and magenta, along with cadmium red, green, and ultramarine.

The Big Farm. Acrylic on wood, 4" x 4". Private collection.

But had to fudge a bit on this one, as the yellows and greens initially came out acidy and the reds were a nasty purply-pink. (James Gurney gave a kindly warning about the strength of magenta in a grey mixture, but did I listen?) Luckily, yellow ochre and cad red washes came to the rescue.

Early Spring. Acrylic on wood, 4" x 4". Private collection.
There's that magenta--this time it seems to be working well. A tiny variation on Spring Runoff on the Eagle

So now what's next?
Sarmo! Go for rich black, fat outlines, and big, round, delicious color! (That only makes sense to me I know, but it's what pulls at my brain and wakes me up at 3 a.m. And greyed colors can look more toothsome than pure hues. Sometimes.)

I'm getting there. I hope I'm always getting there. Wish me luck, and
 thanks for reading my thoughts.

Next post: A Robot Vacation!


  1. Great work. I still love the hints of red that show through all your colors. I actually love the complexity of gray -- yours has that enchanting quality. Love your fat black outlines and delicious color -- also the range of characters and landscapes. Keep on getting there :)

    1. Thanks, Joy--I appreciate your observations. Very glad you are liking the new stuff. Best wishes--you keep on getting there too!


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