Thursday, April 18, 2013

A Small Spiritual Work

The Angel Gabriel. Acrylic and mixed media on wood.

We were fortunate to find a great show by five local Santeros a few weeks ago. The works were fresh and inspiring--lots of very exciting paintings and carvings. Some of the retablos were painted with the traditional methods--natural, hand-made  pigments, gesso, and Pinon sap varnish. I admire that so much, partly because I know I'd never have the patience to make my own materials, and muchly because those handmade materials result in such beauty.

Here's the link--you have to scroll down the page for info on the CHAC exhibit and the artists:
If you are in Denver, it is definitely worth a visit!

I have my own approach and need to create spiritual images. Being of Italian descent, I grew up around many images of saints. They were common in the houses of my relatives, and I looked at them very carefully as a child. For a look at an antique print from Italy:

Completely inspired by the CHAC show, I used up some blocks of wood from the garage, and am trying a couple of different approaches on a crop of new saints. This one is painted on a dull red ground. The others are on natural wood, but they're not finished.  This one probably is. I will live with it for a few days before the varnish is applied.

I have a good time using combinations of media, and really like this part of the painting.

Thanks for checking this, and the CHAC show, out!

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