Thursday, April 25, 2013

Broken Clock, Finished

Broken Clock (detail). 
The top section of the painting from the previous post--I took the photo in full sun, hence the glare. I'm not even gonna give an excuse for my photo skills/knowledge and lack thereof.
But the painting is complete.

Broken Clock. Acrylic on cradled hardboard, 6" x 18".
This is the complete painting. This time photographed in open shade. The top one is the most accurate color-wise though. 
For me, photographing my work (and learning about it) is about as painful and joyless as my 9th grade algebra class. I wasn't successful at that either.


  1. I like your color sense, Tom, reminds me of Wayne Thiebaud.
    I suck at photography more than you; I have to take a thousand pics and choose the best one. Yeah, I said one.

    1. Glad you like my color--it's almost as hard for me as photography, so I appreciate the comment. I am sorry to know a person worse with a camera than me. Think of the cost if you were dependent on film--you are lucky it is the digital age, no?


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