Monday, April 15, 2013

Origins, Influences, and Not Quite Symmetry (revisited)

 I have a difficult time verbalizing the imaginative origins of my individual works.

I can easily discuss the influences though.  Illustrators past and present are always at the top of the list, as are objects from the natural and man-made world. And then there's music. I'm no different than any artist I know; the influence list goes on and on.
In this case, one of the the stimuli for Distrust--of which these are details--was symmetry. 
Well, not-quite-symmetry. I love it.

 I also love wood and wood carvings.

Distrust (unfinished). Watercolor, 5" x 8".

The only thing in this photo that's not completed is the bird's walking stick. I didn't realize that when I took the pic.

And the reason I uploaded this painting as unfinished? I seem to have lost every image of the finished work. No kidding. So sometimes I can be pretty good at painting watercolors with not-quite-symmetry and carved wood.  I am never good with organization. Technology has only made it worse, and that's a fact.

As always, I appreciate your visit!


  1. I like your characters. I remember as kid , I was attracted by books with similar illustrations. Years later, I still remember some of them. ( not names of illustrators- as kid you do not care about it- but the pictures)

    1. I know what you mean--I so wish I could find and see again some of the pictures that have stayed with me since I was a child. If only I HAD paid attention to the illustrators then!
      Thanks for checking out my blog!

    2. Certainly computers have made our lives more complicated, not easier as we were told, but one thing great about the internet is you can now find again those long-lost images from your youth by just doing a little searching. I've found many distant songs from the past by just typing in the one line of the lyric that continues to go through my head. I think that's incredible. Your blog is a fun read, sir.

    3. As is yours, Ted.
      Thanks for checking things out here, and for the compliment.
      I do the same with song lyrics--now if I could just figure out how to type in a tune I'd be a complete person. At least music-wise.

  2. Cranky, Crotchety, Curious & Jokken... if that doesn't sound like the beginning of a vaguely-remembered nursery rhyme (that should be illustrated in fine sorta-symmetrical fashion, with a well-crafted woodgrain frame), I don't know what does!


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