Friday, June 28, 2013

Running like a Goblin

Running Goblin by Tom Sarmo
This smeary little drawing is representative of me right now. Although I'm not running from anything right now, I am scrambling a bit. And I feel more than a little smeared.

One pet peeve--the phrase "I'm (so/too/very/really) busy". Whenever a statement gets so pervasive that when I hear it my inner ear twitches, I have to avoid using it at all cost. And whenever it creeps into commercials, I'm gaggin' worse than usual on them.

So, euphemistically, the smeary little drawing is something I rushed because I didn't want to give it my time, and I had nothing else to post today because other good adventures are occupying my life.

Hope you are having some good adventures too!



  1. Really? That phrase bothers you?

    What about these?:

    My Bad.
    yeah, RIGHT??
    I appreciate that.
    Just sayin.
    right on (the later thoughtful version).

    Yeah, those annoy me.


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