Sunday, August 4, 2013

An Unslakable Thirst
Drinking Song. Mixed media on toned paper.
These fellows aren't perfectly drawn, but they have assuaged a certain thirst.
Still, they don't bug me as much as they're annoying their mouse-buddy. (I can relate--it's boring to be the designated driver.)

Along with  the nuts and bolts of business, which is not my favorite coursework, this summer has been one of an intense thirst--the learning kind--and study for me. Not that an artist ever quits learning about the craft of drawing and painting, but lately I've paid concentrated attention on figures, characters, and a bit of unfamiliar technique-territory.  

Some of that is in anticipation (read, fear) of an upcoming workshop I'll be attending, and some of it is preparation for some cool upcoming workshops I'll be teaching (More about that soon!). Most of it is arising from a freshly renewed --and still mounting-- excitement about drawing (which is a surprise--never thought I wasn't excited about it).

Most artists--at least those I know--are lucky enough to have an enthusiastic thirst for learning which is never slaked. That makes every day much too short, and allows bad news, dark moods, and petty disappointments to fade somewhat into the background of life. My best wishes for that ardent, unrequited longing to everyone. Drink up--

and thanks for reading!


  1. good luck with the workshop! and what do you mean "not perfectly drawn" ? I LIKE THEM A LOT !!!

    1. Thanks--I think it will be very informative. Glad you like these guys! (Sometimes, but not always, a quest for "more perfect" is good for my lazy self)


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