Thursday, August 1, 2013

Drawing at the Museum

Cassowary sketches from last week

When I'm antsy in the studio and go look at the computer, it's mostly unproductive avoidance. But sometimes I'm smart enough to get the heck away and go draw. The Denver Museum of Nature and Science has been a favorite place since I was a kid. Pretty sure I drove my brother crazy because when it was my choice for a family outing I picked the museum, over and over and over...

The building with its new addition ca.1960s
But drawing there began when I got my drivers license. The museum became a refuge. Back then, before it transformed into its vibrant, active, modern iteration, the place seemed as still as its mounted specimens. 
I'd disappear into the various exhibits with my sketchbook and the only noise around came from my scribbling pencil.
Do I miss that? Being the ridiculously nostalgic person I am, the answer is yes! To revisit the haunted, hushed halls I remember would be a return to a personal Arcadia. 

But the building has transformed along with me as I sketched there through college, art school, and my years as a children's illustrator and teacher.  Thanks to voters and donors who recognize the importance of science, art, and community, the Denver Museum of Nature and Science is bursting with new life and new discoveries. Check it out at 

I love it still, and artists are welcome as always.

 The museum (and Mom) ca. 1940s

Thanks for the visit!


  1. beautiful bird drawing!! I can imagine it was (is) very inspiring place to visit !

    1. Thank you Ludek. Yes it is--every town needs such a place :)


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