Monday, August 12, 2013

On the Defensive

Bird Warrior (detail of wip). Mixed media, private collection.

Lately my days are filled with much practice, much experimenting, much self-doubt. In this drawing I was attempting that scared, wary, and defensive look. It's a representation of what seems to be a recent eruption/disruption in my subconscious--dreams and nightmares of conversations featuring me on the defensive have been frequent.
Also my conscious thoughts have strayed to the defensive--I have to admit feeling a bit self-justificative (is that a word?) about my career-direction choices over the past year.

Bird Warrior (detail). Mixed media.

Bird Warrior in progress. (Maybe should have quit here and not added color, etc?)

All these are normal and productive ruminations really, given where I find myself on this newest iteration of the art-journey. Still, it's not a particularly comfortable place (wait--has it ever been?).  At least this is my own internal struggle--I'm not having  to defend my life with sword and axe, although that seems much simpler in a way, haha!

Anyway, thanks for the visit.


  1. The color makes him seem a bit more determined somehow. I love black and gray and monotones, but the colors you used add so much personality -- both fear and determination are easier to read in him. I hope this determined guy helps you hack through your discomforts & nightmares & you keep creating such wonderful characters.

    1. That's an interesting take on the color, and I appreciate the feedback, Joy. Thanks too for the words of encouragement. The characters have seen me through much worse--I think they are here to stay. Very glad to know you like them!


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