Monday, September 30, 2013

Illustration Process: Part 2

Thumbnail sketches
Well, I usually would do character sketches for all the figures first, but this time I got excited about the scene and setting. In the scene, the Goblin-Master is approached by his surrogate-thief; the anthropomorphic mouse. The mouse has been out on a heist, and brings the Goblin a bag full of treasure. But the mouse has decided that he likes a pocket watch too much to give up, so he's hiding it behind his back.
Having lots of composition ideas and not letting any of them gel too early is an important step. I often rush through it to the detriment of the final illustration. Not this time though. I hope the time spent on these will pay off.
I'm leaning a bit towards this composition, mostly because it shows the Goblin's collected stuff on the shelves behind the figures. Nonetheless, I have too many ideas about this illustration to settle, and still have not designed the Mouse-Thief besides.
That'll be the next step, maybe.


  1. I really like the conciliating posture of mouse in the bottom right drawing, and all the variations of what the goblin is sitting on in the various drawings. The collection adds so much backstory it's endpapers material, in my mind. And I really like seeing the sketch, dark and light added so the weight of each is immediately apparent. Can't wait to see more!

    1. Thanks for your comments, AHA--I would very much like to see these kinds of "rough comp" prelims as endpapers too. Cool idea! The compositions have gone through lots of changes as my learning process continues. I'll post more in the coming weeks--screw-ups and all. Am very happy to know you are finding it interesting.


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