Monday, October 21, 2013

A Great Pumpkin Workshop
A detail of a Work in Progress. I'm hoping to finish it tonight.
Last Sunday I got the chance to teach a four hour mini-workshop about Drawing 3D Jack O'Lanterns.
Teaching is particularly satisfying when the group is fearless or cheerful, and fortunately, this group was both.
I covered quite a bit of information in a short time, and using their drawn notes and a goofy plastic pumpkin for reference, the class jumped into their drawings!
 I apologize for my poor photo skills. Still, you can see some of the class' WIPs below:
An emerging sketch by an artist who specializes in graffiti-style works.
Another by a young lady of about ten years old;
This one by the young lady's Mom.
 A page of notes and the resulting WIP.
This one was by a student who told me this was her second attempt at art--her first being a wine and paint experience.
Hope they all were as pleased with their results as I was!

The class took place at Willow: An Artisans Market
The owner, Helen Rice, is warm and hospitable, and it's a wonderful gallery to explore. In addition, a variety of classes run there on Sunday afternoons. Take advantage of them if you can.
Thanks for checking this out!


  1. Coolio ~ fun class by the look of description of it . . . Huzzah !

    1. It was a blast--thanks for checking out the post, Erik!

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks--I was very happy with their results--I appreciate your visit, Katherine!


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