Friday, October 11, 2013

Fall Season Stuff
Evil Jack (detail of black and white version). Pen and ink with gouache, private collection.
Good old October. Usually unprepared, this year lots of my works have centered around witches and pumpkins, etc. Evil Jack was first sketched out on a recent plane ride to Seattle. And the expression?  It was on the face of a sales clerk I saw at JoAnn--no kidding! (Very glad she wasn't holding scissors.)
I try to be aware of and remember lots of faces and expressions for use later in drawings, and if I see a good one well, a quick sketch of the memory once I'm home usually cements into my brain. In this case, the expression was unforgettable. Put me in mind of a good horror flick it did!.
Evil Jack II (detail of color version). Pen, inks, and gouache, private collection.
The stuff nightmares are made of, right?
But it is Halloween season, and I'm going to be teaching an illustration-techniques workshop--featuring Jack O' Lanterns at Willow, one of the galleries that represents my work.
Not quite as malevolent-looking as Evil Jack. Probably because the expression didn't come from anything I'd recently seen, and it was a quick sketch. Still, this is the one Willow used for the class promo.
I'm looking forward to the workshop, and have always been partial to drawing 3-d pumpkins. 

And if you're in town and want to join me for the workshop, just email the gallery and they will reserve your space:
Thanks for checking out the work!


  1. well, I have to admit that I have nothing with pumpkins in conjunction with Halloween. it is due to cultural predetermination because in Artichokistan we do not have this custom. BUT, I love roasted pumpkins , in the oven , with rosemary and thyme ..... hmmmmm just delicious :)
    But seriously, I like, however , these illustrations a lot. Funny and well done.

    1. Thank you Ludek--someday I will draw a Halloween Artichoke. I saw a few on Google image, but they were all made of wood :)

    2. good, I am looking forward to it!! :)


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