Sunday, October 27, 2013

Passenger. Mixed media.

Am all in my head, suddenly thinking hard about what I do, why I do it, and what I am gonna do about it.
(And I wonder why artists are so often accused of being navel-gazers.)

Still, if art motivation (or any other motivation) isn't examined once in awhile, the result could be tedium, or much worse.

But thinking about where I want my pictures to go next has never been a preoccupation until recently. Finished this little fellow after a workshop about characters.
Now I need to take everything I 've learned from the past six months of self-imposed study and everything I learned from the workshop (which was a lot) and move ahead.


When I figure it out, it'll show up here I guess.

Anyway, thanks for the visit!


  1. Introspection is necessary. It is important , now and then, analyze our thoughts in order to keep us on "progressive path". I guess there is more time involved in thinking than with the pen/brush ...
    ( I did not know the expression "navel-gazers" , but Google helped me :) )

    BTW, great character.....

    1. Thanks, Ludek--I appreciate the comment and the compliment. Sometimes the thinking part gets annoying, as it seems to keep one away from the fun part of actual production, but it is necessary. (I hope Google doesn't shower you with advertisements related to navels (or gazing) now, haha!)

  2. What an intriguing character -- so many interesting details -- the snail of course and the stamp. It's amazing that such a complex story can come out of that introspection. Can't wait to see more.

    1. I just need to figure out what the story is. In many ways this is like writing/journaling. What is better; letting the subconscious flow take one where it will or forming and idea and guiding the art or writing toward that target? (I am not very adept at the latter.)


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