Friday, October 4, 2013

Illustration Process: Part 3
Sketch of Goblin-Master. Pencil, Micron pen, and Prismacolor.
I threw some quick value and detail into this nasty fellow from Part 1
It will seem like I got sidetracked, but finishing sketches--even roughly like this one--is part of the process I value very much, partly because it's good practice, and it also expands my mind a bit.
By thinking about light and shadow, and getting more detailed with the design of the clothing, I get to know my character even better. In this case my sense is that this guy's too long-leggedy for my original concept, but I'm going to remain flexible in my head, proceed, and see what happens.
Also, goofing around with the sketches is total relaxation. I dislike being my own task master all the time, so by carving out a half hour to play a bit in the sketch book I'm able to draw for no real purpose other than enjoyment. That's important.
And the mouse is next. I'm fairly certain about that.


  1. It's the light and depth that give the drawing weight, really help to evaluate what works and what belongs elsewhere - as in details of cothing, etc - buckles, buttons, zippers, drawstrings? All of them have a mood and flavour which will inform your painting process and the final piece - whether it appears there or not.

    Love these posts. Great reminders to put away the thinking 'for other people' from time to time and explore drawing for the sake of drawing.

    1. Well said, AHA--thanks for the visit and your insight. It really has been an education to not rush and be able to think about this thoroughly.

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Kelly. Now there are two, and they are coming along


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