Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Inspirations, Coveted Things, and Some Old Drawings

Very little of my childhood stuff remains, but this magazine somehow survived. The classic horror films were (probably still are) a major influence. Afflicted with nightmares as a kid, I still couldn't  resist this magazine. Year after year my parents would hesitantly buy me a copy when we'd go on a road trip. That probably kept me fairly quiet--at least during the day.
Each issue was full of corny text and terrible puns, but I ate up the black and white photos of the filmland creatures, and yearned for all the offers advertised in the back.
This fantastic model kit for only .98 plus .27 for shipping? I wanted this so bad--hard to believe I didn't have a dollar and a quarter for it.
But this really kills me--only one buck for a lifetime membership, a full color pin, and an 8" x 10" full color print of Frazetta's Uncle Creepy!
Couldn't scrape up a dollar for this either, but in one way it was a good thing--it forced me to draw my own monster versions, which my parents carefully saved in a folder.
Frankenstein's Creature
The Phantom of the Opera
Renfield (from Dracula)
More than any of the monsters, this guy scared the heck out of me. Dwight Frye's portrayal spawned more than a few night terrors. Maybe drawing him helped a bit. (I obviously had little patience with color back then.)
But they all have pinholes in the tops, which means they hung as my bedroom décor.
Thanks for checking this out!

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