Sunday, November 3, 2013

Interactive Inspiration

Witch sketch (detail), mixed media

In the dark about most things having to do with gaming or other things interactive, I still managed to fall in love with an exhibit/art experience called Shadow Monsters, by Philip Worthington. 

Maybe it was the fact that I was in Seattle; maybe it was the total pleasure I get every time I visit the EMP Museum, but I was enthralled by Shadow Monsters, to the point of suspending my usual self-consciousness to become a shadow-hog, oblivious to any audience I may have had. Gyrating, hunching, and otherwise indulging in a variety of poses, a few photos below give you the idea:

I'm there on the right, turning into a creature threatening my daughter.

And me transforming along with my backpack.

A collaborative creature featuring my daughter and me.

There are more photos, there were many more creatures. I couldn't tear myself away! Luckily, the museum was quiet that day so I wasn't putting anyone out. Well, not many anyway.

Back at the hotel that evening, I was compelled to try a few sketches inspired by Worthington's masterpiece. The witch detail at the top is one.

Here's the complete witch...

and a creature sketch.
A tip of my hat to Philip Worthington!
Big screen TV? Meh. Video games? Yawn...
But if a home version of Shadow Monsters ever goes on sale, I'd be camping out in line to get one!
If you haven't experienced this amazing interactive art, you are missing an art masterpiece.
Check out more info at
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  1. hi Tom, this is great. I remember, as a little boy, I was ALWAYS entertained by "shadows monsters" of my grand father. If possible, he always showed us all kinds of shadowy animals, humans, birds and other creatures with his hands....... and-maybe unconsciously - he stimulated my imaginations in my early childhood. I often remember him...

    I can imagine your enthusiasm about this exhibition.

    1. Thanks artisjokken. For me too, my amazing grandparents remain important and varied sources for my imagination. Their warmth, comfort, stories, and superstitions have stayed bright and keen within me.


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