Tuesday, February 18, 2014

The Unconventional Kirkland Museum

The Kirkland Museum now. 
If you're in Denver, don't miss the chance to see it 
in this original location. It's...

An Unconventional Museum Experience
"The three principal collections make the Kirkland unique, and the unusual method of display further sets the museum apart nationally. The Colorado Collection and Vance Kirkland Collection are always displayed in salon style with the International Decorative Art Collection. This provides a unique museum experience to visitors with fine art being shown in the same galleries with decorative art. Comparative displays are done with more than one art style in a gallery and vignettes are often arranged with vintage furniture along with a period radio, lamp and phone, as if you had walked into a person’s home."

A great place to visit; full of fascinating objects and artworks to draw. And covet.

This is one I covet, and drew it on my last visit.

My second approach.

The museum's going to have a new, expanded home. Looking forward to seeing the greater quantities of art the new space will allow, and hoping the current, unique style of display is preserved.

Conceptual rendering as of January 2014 by Olson Kundig Architects

But my major worry: 
What will happen to the old building? Denver has it's own brand of 
history--pretty much erasing it with bulldozers. But Hugh Grant, the Kirkland's director, is actually going to move it--at least the North wing studio part, right down Broadway, for preservation's sake. The Kirkland's collection was always proof of Grant's creativity and forethought, and this seals it!


The top photo and reassurance about the building courtesy of Westword

Thanks for the visit--now check out the Museum!

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