Thursday, May 22, 2014

Careful What I Wish For
Limerick and drawing by Edward Lear.

I don't think falling casually is the issue in this limerick. Rather, might it be the staying too long 
and "growing stout" in a too-confining space?

An artist friend of mine and I, at a recent outing to the museum, spoke long and seriously 
about art, goals, and people's ideas about The Successful Artist. Mostly we talked about 
freshness and excitement in art and art making.

Now, I love art, but I hate goals. 
And "success"? Seems obvious that this culture's definition of it has done little 
but trap and kill freshness and excitement.

Maybe modern success is the tedium of a kettle in which one grows too stout 
to escape. And, whether you fall into it casually or 
jump into it with ambition, you gotta know when to get out.

Thanks for reading.

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