Friday, May 30, 2014

Getting Outside to Paint
Rabbit Trail 2 (detail)

Got up very early and went painting outdoors the other day; for fun,
for practice, for resources, and mostly for some peace.
First some coffee,

then over a bridge to the path.

Found a great little rabbit trail

and set up, with a pond behind me.

Snapped a pic of the scene for future reference,

and started painting.

It was so cool and damp I had time to sketch a few while
hoping the washes would dry a bit.

They really didn't--everything stayed pretty wet.

So I looked for the origins of the splashing and slurping
and schlorking behind me

and finally saw that it was coming from
very large fishes like this one.

Suspicious and cranky even in a self portrait.
In truth, I was having a great time.
Rabbit Trail 1. 
The first of the sketches-in-progress--
a decent, peaceful morning's work!

And then I headed back over the bridge.

Thanks as always, for checking out my blog!


  1. ha, Tom! I see you had nice weather, peaceful surrounding and - indeed- great time! It is true , it is always relaxing to be in nature enjoying and discovering and getting inspiration for new stuff. Nice sketches, btw!

    (I have to do more sketches outside as well)

    1. Hi Ludek--Thanks for the compliment! Yes it is very nice weather here. Much rain has turned Colorado into Ireland--for a couple days at least =]

  2. Replies
    1. For that I am glad, Ted--just desserts =]

  3. I love it ~! Are those all birch trees? Been doing hiking a lot lately here and never thought of bringing color, so far just a small field camera and pencil and paper. But lots to see and wonder over. Love the colors in yours ~~>

    1. Thanks for checking this out, Erik! As far as the trees--they looked like Aspen to me, but not sure those grow wild at this elevation.


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