Monday, May 19, 2014

"Storybook Birds Workshop" at Willow
I very much love to teach workshops!

Mostly I forget to take photos, but yesterday was different, and though they are but 
phone-camera shots, you'll get the idea.

The workshop was about "constructing" anthropomorphic bird-characters and 
clothing them--hence the costume book. 
These folks were a great bunch of open-minded and energetic artists!

It may be an overused cliche that the teacher receives more than the 
attendees, but it's the absolute truth. So I'm listing only some of what I gain every time:

1. Teaching forces me to think in divergent ways. In this workshop, each artist had varying 
experience with illustration, so I got to modify my communication process quickly. That lifted the 
studio-fog in my brain and brightened it significantly!

This artist nearly finished her cool Victorian character.

2. Teaching exposes me to new techniques for drawing. Sticking too close to my studio (could be translated as hiding in it) is like being in a vacuum, and the art-modes attendees expose me to are 
welcome, fresh, and new to me. When I go back to my cave, 
I've got a whole new repertoire to practice.

A couple of fine works-in-progress.

3. Teaching pushes me to analyze my own methods and expand them. 
Being a creature of habit, this is an unqualified necessity.

This artist's stunning character-in-progress has pure attitude. 
As an added plus, he later generously allowed me to leaf through his jaw-dropping sketchbook 
while he explained some of his totally-new-to-me drawing techniques.

A super-hero bird--this fellow emerged onto the paper within 20 minutes.

Both of these creative works-in-progress were created by attendees who told me they could 
draw what they see, but had never "made up" or constructed a character before.

I hope I'm fortunate enough to be able to do this again.
A sincere thank you to everyone who attended, and to Helen at Willow--our host!

And thank you, as well, for reading this blog!

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