Thursday, June 5, 2014

Making Music in the Sketchbook
My exploration of my old sketchbooks continues. 
What struck me this time were the amount of sketches referencing musical instruments and musicians.
This is an oldie from back in the '90s.

I think this one is from the '80s.
Not all that surprised--music is right up there along with my passion for art. And it kills me that I can't learn to play an instrument.

These were drawn during meetings at my day-job back in the grunge decade.
Appropriately, I was taking guitar lessons around this time--and was a miserable failure.

Can't even roughly date this one...

or this tubby fellow.

Never tried to learn an instrument of the orchestra, but...

...when a band program came to my elementary school, I chose the clarinet! 
The band teacher told me to forget that; it would only make my buck teeth worse. "Play the trumpet," he 
said, "It'll push those teeth back."
Cranky even at the age of nine, I refused to play anything.

So I draw clarinet-ish instruments in my sketchbooks instead.
I've considered taking up the concertina...

...but I probably oughta sell my dust-covered guitar first.
Any buyers out there?

Anyway, thanks for reading!

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