Friday, June 13, 2014

Sarmo Workshops at Art Makers Denver!
Art Makers Denver: The deadline for signups is approaching fast!
I'll be running three different workshops over the three gorgeous fall days this September.
Check them out--below are the links to each exciting workshop!

This Day One workshop is about learning basic skills with forms and using them to create the illusion of three-dimensionality on paper. It's the key to drawing works from your imagination. If you've ever wanted to illustrate a children's book or make fantasy art, this class is the perfect launchpad!

My Day Two workshop is all about drawing amazing characters. I teach the step-by-step methods you'll want to know in order to bring your creative beings to life on the page!

Day Three is all about the steps to creating finished illustrations from beginning to end, and learning to use the beauty of watercolor to enhance your creations!

All the workshops will be held in this wonderful building in the heart of the great,
art-filled city of Denver! But it's not just about my workshops--there are many great classes to choose from. At Art Makers Denver you'll have the chance to meet artists from all over, exchange ideas, and even relax and socialize after hours with a fun and welcoming bunch of instructors and attendees!

Click on my Facebook Event link below and join me!

“ArtMakers Denver presents three days of innovative 

art workshops to “creatives” worldwide.
Attendees will experience an artistic “broadening”, learning from a 

hand-picked faculty of renowned art instructors. 

Experience the spirit of artistic discovery in a variety of mediums 

and materials, while exploring a wide range of techniques. 

Workshops will include a diverse group of instructors and artists 

all with the relentless desire to create, discover, explore and enjoy!”

Check out the site for all of the great offerings at Art Makers Denver--
It's going to be three days of total art immersion, and I'd love to see you there!
Find them on Facebook too

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