Monday, June 9, 2014

Sketchbook Music: Variations on the Theme

Trumpet detail from a work-in-progress.
Inspired by my old sketch in the preceding post,
I've been working on a new painting using the mouth-trumpet.
This sketch-in-progress was done at the Denver Illustration Studio's weekly Drink and Draw; 
a very welcome illustrator's get-together
Not only does it get me sketching and thinking in new ways, the Drink and Draw gives me an opportunity to listen to shop-talk. I learn new things every time I attend. This particular sketch really wasn't messed up by too much beer, only by my clumsy experiments with fountain pen ink and a water brush.
Here's a bit more of the new work-in-progress, done the morning after the Drink and Draw. 
I started out with a light pencil sketch of course, and then added ink lines with a crow quill pen--my inking instrument of choice at the moment. 
(I will not be experimenting with fountain pen ink on this fellow for certain.)

More progress later--but thanks for checking this out so far!

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