Monday, July 28, 2014

A Sketch-Group Contrast (with Links to a lot of Great Art)

On the recommendation of a friend, I ordered a copy of this book by David Cuppleditch, and have been having a good time with comparisons to the sketch group of which I'm a member, called the 
Denver Illustration Studio Saturday Night Drink n' Draw

The London Sketch Club, formed in 1898 (full of bohemian illustrators, proper gentlemen illustrators, and eccentric illustrators) who sketched, smoked, drank, and had friendly competitions, is still going strong.
The DIS Drink n' Draw, formed in 2014 (full of bohemian illustrators, proper ladies and gentlemen [the 2014 kind] illustrators, and eccentric illustrators) who sketch, smoke, drink, and have friendly competitions, is still going strong. And growing, thanks to the inclusive attitude and efforts of Jeremy Aaron Moore,
illustrator (bohemian), and organizer. 

The London Sketch Club sketching away in their own club, Wells Street, Oxford.

The DIS Drink n' Draw'ers sketching away at our own club, graciously hosted by Billy's Gourmet Hot Dogs on East Colfax Avenue in Denver.

A couple of The London Sketch Club members discuss drawing or drinking (plus costumes).

DIS Drink n' Draw members discussing drawing of course (sans costumes).

Some London Sketch Club members at a life drawing session.

And a DIS Drink n' Draw life drawing session (held once a month).

Below, artworks by members of both clubs, and links to more. Enjoy!
London Sketch Club member Alfred Leete's sketch.

DIS Drink n' Draw member Brooke VanDevelder's sketch.

London Sketch Club member W. Heath Robinson's Invitation.

DIS Drink n' Draw member Preston Stone's illustration-in-progress.

London Sketch Club member George James Frampton's sketch.

DIS Drink n' Draw member Matt Martines' sketch.

London Sketch Club member Tom Browne's sketch.

DIS Drink n' Draw member Kyle Baerlocher's sketch.

London Sketch Club member Wilton Williams' sketch of a beautiful model...

...and DIS Drink n' Draw member Delton Demarest's 30 minute sketch of a beautiful model.

And last...
Some of the members of The London Sketch Club in 1901...

...and some of the members of the DIS Saturday Night Drink n' Draw in 2014

This is something my city has needed badly--a truly inclusive, friendly, informal, and welcoming illustration/art community. Now we have it, and if you are in the Metro-Denver area, join us!
If you are in another city, create one for yourselves. Either way, you won't be sorry.

And a special nod to the initial organizer of DIS, Jon Schindehette.

Thanks for checking out all the links, and for the visit!


  1. Fantastic, on both counts ~~> Great to see the double-tradition and pix, then and now!

    1. Thanks Erik--it was a fun juxtaposition to explore

  2. Awesome post I am going to share! I can't wait to get back to another session, be back home soon!

    1. Thanks Delton. Looking forward to the next session. May safe and fun travels be yours!

  3. I am so glad you are a part of an art group that is a continuation of art history!!!!

    1. I hope that you can join us soon, Miss Gladys!

  4. What fun! There's a group I sometimes attend called Dr. Sketchy's Anti-Art School-- they have meetings in many cities. It's great practice at life drawing though I always wish they had longer poses. Still it's good to do speed work too.

    1. Hi CA! Denver had a Dr. Sketchy some years back although I'd never attended. I have heard that they are bringing it back this year!


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