Thursday, October 23, 2014

Mysterious Doors: A Sequence

Doors are a fascination; they are cryptic and secretive, yet often promise security and comfort within. I draw and paint them often ( ) 
The pic above is a detail of a painting that will be going to an upcoming show. The sequence of production follows:

This door came first, from a sketch done for the Inktober Incentive. Inked onto gesso, with some text collaged onto it--soon to be a completed work.
This drawing-in-progress, also for Inktober, came next. The warm light from a window (or a lantern) always beckons.
 Next up was a wood plaque, covered with a piece of old sheet music from my youth and attempts to play the piano. Inked with brush and India ink, then sprayed with matte acrylic to seal the drawing. 

With some early layers of acrylic washes--the whole round plaque.
More layers of both ink lines and paint, and...
Night Music (detail). Close to completion.

Thanks, as always, for checking this out!


  1. Nice piece! Thanks for sharing your process.

    1. Thank you Laurie! Hope you found the post helpful =]

  2. Love doors, these doors and most doors, too ~ and The Doors, for that matter :->

    1. Glad to know there's a kindred spirit out there, Erik =] Thanks for the comment and visit!


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