Sunday, November 16, 2014

Art: Saturday Morning and Saturday Night
Mini Still-Life Sketch. Mixed media on brown paper

Saturday Morning:
Drew the sketch above as an example for an upcoming workshop I'll be teaching at Art Makers Denver  next year. Never found drawing/painting anything from life easy--especially as a young illustrator. I did recognize the value even then, but had trouble concentrating on drawing inanimate objects, figures, and landscape. Don't much care for photo-realist art, but I'm in awe of artists who can capture atmosphere in a scene drawn or painted from life.
Lately I've become keen on examining the incidental objects in paintings and illustrations, and sketching fine old objects. "Fine" doesn't mean the expensive, fussy stuff in an Art and Antiques magazine, but rather the solid, straightforward, well-crafted objects that people used (not just gazed at in a china cupboard). Saturday morning I set up this group in the snowy light of my studio window. My sketch (above) failed to capture that gorgeous winter light, and came out a bit too stilted for my taste, but that happens sometimes when I draw from life.
I like it when the objects end up having a bit more character--like these,
and like this lantern, posted some time back. I love this one. Not drawn from life, I mostly made up the form and then cobbled together details gleaned from some lanterns I have stashed around the house.

And yes, I am struck dumb with admiration for illustrators who can blow you away with their ability to draw and paint both from life as well as work imaginatively.

 Saturday night:
At the Drink 'n' Draw I had a good time goofing about with this sketch from my imagination...
but I had a great time watching illustrator Clay Brooks capture this snowy, East Colfax night scene. And yes, I was in awe! He was facing me, in conversation, all the while turning around looking over his shoulder through the window at the cityscape, capturing it in gouache.
The guy is a master, but don't just take it from me--check out all his work at

Now it's Sunday morning, and I'm headed back to the studio.
Thanks for the visit!

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