Sunday, November 23, 2014

Greg Spalenka's Artist as Brand Workshop

I sometimes get questions about my career in the arts, and I answer that I've fallen into most of my opportunities ass-backward. It's true--very little has been my doing; certainly not due to any real goal-setting, and no self-help-manual-formula has ever pierced my stubborn brain. The plain truth is that I've been fortunate to meet folks--gallery owners, art directors, patrons--along my journey that have kept me out of the water.
That being said, when a couple of my mainstay gallery-owners closed up shop, my ship sprung a leak, and I started looking for a pail to start bailing.

Fortunately, Helikon Gallery hosted Greg Spalenka's Artist as Brand workshop this past spring. I signed up--something way out of character for me, and definitely way out of my comfort zone. And I have absolutely no regrets.

In short, the workshop was incredibly rich; a perfect blend of the realities of making a living, and the sweetness of living one's art. Best of all, Spalenka doesn't cave to crass capitalism; Artist as Brand combines the soul of an artist with creative indy-business sense. It was exactly what I needed...
...and it changed my life. No kidding. 
Not only did I meet some of the greatest fellow-artists (whom I am happy to count as friends), I met my artist-self. 

Greg Spalenka presents these workshops regularly--one is upcoming in Seattle February 18th and 19th, 2015 with the always fantastic TLC Workshops

You don't have to be on the verge of foundering like me, but if you are an artist, a writer, a musician--any kind of creative--sign up for Artist as Brand
If Seattle doesn't work, check Greg's schedule for another. Then go.
Whatever you do, go. 

It's a lifeboat.


Greg Spalenka

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  1. Thanks again, Tom, for sparking a new thought. These workshops look like they address some very important issues. None in my area in the coming months, sadly. I will keep my eyes open.

    1. You are welcome, AHA! I hope Greg Spalenka comes soon to your area--I can't say enough good things about his workshop

  2. Wow, Tom! I just saw this. Thank you so much for the insight on the class. You truly embody the art spirit.


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