Monday, February 23, 2015

Drawing Objects: A Foothills Workshop
I'm teaching a still life drawing class--with a difference--at Foothills Art Center this April! 
Object drawing can be more than a relaxing or an hyper-studious exercise in copying. It can be a method to make your creative mind and skills more elastic--and it can be a blast as well!
I like training my eye and studying still life objects--usually with the intent for sharpening my observational drawing techniques. But I most like goofing around with the objects--changing them up--possibly for use later in an illustration. In this workshop, You'll learn and enhance both skills!
This Welsh Miner's Lantern for example, is a great object for study in itself--and I studied it...
...and later used it in this detail of a wizard illustration. Knowing I can manipulate an object to suit my own purposes makes it easier for me to sit and sketch it--even though I sometimes find realistic drawing tedious.
So if you are in the area, and want to flex your observational and imaginative drawing abilities, join me in this workshop! Even if you've never drawn before, and want to learn how, this class is a great way to start--all skill levels are welcome!

Thanks for looking into the workshop, and as always, thanks for visiting my blog!


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks Chris--these are always a good time for me, and hopefully pretty helpful to the participants. I have to get outta the studio--and away from my own sorry company--once in awhile--so teaching is a welcome break =]

  2. Hi Tom. Nice, inventive approach to still life. I'm teaching some art classes
    too at the moment. I find the performance aspect a bit daunting but it can be very
    satisfying. Good luck and enjoy your workshop. :)

    1. Hi Jon--Thanks, and nice to hear from you! Wasn't getting notices about your posts in my feed lately--glad to know you are still out there :) I enjoy teaching quite a bit--hope your classes are going well too. Wish I could take some of them

  3. Cheers Tom. Yeah, I'm still out there, doodling away. Purpose still pending! Hehe.


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