Friday, February 6, 2015

More Landscape Sketches and a Selfie
An unplanned event took me to the western slope over the past few weeks. The area holds dramatic, desolate, and haunting landscapes. I had my sketchbook and a few materials with me, so with many walks I managed to collect some photo references and also get some on-site sketches done.
A few years ago I came across these sheds, and painted them. Same time of year, but then things were cold and snow-covered. This painting bore little resemblance to the actual sheds.

Managed to find them again and snapped this pic...
You can see that the weather was not similar either.

But I was able to sketch it on-site this trip without freezing.
 There it is on the right. I also took some time to draw a different scene on a different day. The photo of that lonely house follows.
I took some liberties with it too, but not enough.
Later that night managed to do a self-portrait of me in the field. Too many landscapes lately--changing things up is necessary for keeping me sane :)

Now I'm back home and in the studio--time to get to work.

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Nice works. Is the painting oil (or acrylic perhaps)? Also is the texture from the ground or heavy paint? Your self portrait is cool too. Thanks

    1. Thank you for the compliments Chance C! The painting is acrylic on pine wood, so some of the texture is the wood grain that the wet acrylic sort of lifted up (I used a fairly liquid cadmium red acrylic for my ground). The texture in the sky and in some of the snow is from heavy paint.


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