Monday, February 16, 2015

Some Plein Fresh Air
Cemetery gate sketch.
Went to the Littleton Cemetery with three fellows--all impressive artists--from the Denver Illustration Studio. Hosted weekly--weather permitting--by Clay Brooks or Dylan Pierpont, the Plein Air Outing gives artists a chance to do some on-site painting in a group.

I've been working on pen and ink illustrations in the studio, thus was in an ink mood that day. It was great to be outside, and the cemetery was an interesting choice of locations. (We did not take the time to hunt down Alferd Packer's grave, though.)
Here's a Hipstamatic shot of the scene in the first drawing above. Less interested in the headstones, I focused on the gate (which is blown out in the photo) and the shadows across the road (which increased as the sun began to appear).

Yes, I'm working really hard. (Photo by Dylan)

Dylan and Mike are working harder.
My set up. The tools used are in the box lid, consisting of a Pentel Brushpen, a drafting pencil, a white marker called ZigWriter, a white gel pen, and a Rapidograph size oo.
On a 9" x 12" pad, my sketches are small. Hey--crosshatching takes time.

Here's the view I chose for my first sketch, and
here's the sketch from it.
I grew up in Littleton, passed this cemetery nearly every day of my young life, and never noticed that every tree in the place is a blue spruce.
Maybe my favorite sketch of the day.

Mike's set-up (photo by Dylan). 

Mike's gouache (photo by Mike).
Here's a link to his blog

Clay's set-up (photo by Dylan).

Clay's gouache (photo by Clay).
Here's a link to his site

Dylan's set-up (photo by Dylan).

Dylan's oil (photo by Dylan)
Here's a link to his site

And here's a link to the Denver Illustration Studio site 
It's the place to check out all the DIS events including the plein air sessions.

Thanks for clicking on all these links, and for stopping by my blog!


  1. This is a great post! I enjoyed looking at everyone's art and supplies. Nice touch to add the photos showing what you were sketching! My favorite sketch of yours is the one with the obelisk (I think that's what it's called...). To me, that one is the moodiest.

    1. Thank you Laurie. I liked seeing how the other artists edited the scene they were painting that day, so that's why I posted the photos of the scenes I drew. Would have posted the photo of the obelisk sketch, but the photo didn't turn out well. Glad to know you enjoyed this post!


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