Monday, February 9, 2015

The Art of Thomas Haller Buchanan

Thom Buchanan probably has more projects--and more ideas--going than anyone I know. A conversation with him leaves me excited about a million things; fantastic illustrators I've never heard of, education projects for young people, philosophies of art (and just about everything else), and new art techniques to name just a few.

Not only are his paintings gorgeous, but his design sense and willingness to  experiment lifts them far above the ordinary!

He travels to do illustration projects and murals, works on commissions in his studio, and once in awhile joins me for a night of drawing and conversation at the Denver Illustration Studio.

And he launched a Kickstarter project for a monograph of his works!

As you can see from the works I've posted above, Thomas Buchanan is a fantastic artist. He is someone whose work and ideals are a contribution--not just to other artists, but to art itself. 

 I love this kind of Kickstarter project! Kickstarters provide the books that the publishing industry won't; most of the big houses which used to provide quality volumes are simply appendices to other big-money-making industries. They might promote pop culture, but they don't contribute much to quality culture. And while resources found on the internet are great, there's nothing like having a physical art book to study. Art books are still a inspiration and a staple in my studio, and in the studios of my friends.

Thomas Haller Buchanan's abilities are wide ranging, from murals... striking likenesses of celebrities past and present... beautiful quick-sketches!

And a specialty is authentically lovely women. Thom said:
"This art book that I'm wanting to publish is guilty of a little idealism—of face and form. I like to portray beauty, but I err on the side of divine nature rather than of base nature. But the ideals I like to capture are not unrealistic. These features and forms walk through our society—not as glamour pinups, but people whose beauty emanates from innocence and grace and harmony."

I love his lifelike, approachable, convincing portraiture, but also his eclectic categories.

Amazing subjects like this? No problem for Buchanan.

Prefer a bit of whimsy--even a new medium? No problem!

People clamor for the works of the great illustrators of the past--artists like Andrew Loomis--to name only one. We have such an artist alive and contributing to the arts right here in our midst! 

There are only a few days left to make this art book a reality. Please consider supporting a living asset to our culture and pledge to this Kickstarter. We will all benefit!

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  1. What a swell write-up! I've been meaning to thank you for a long time! Thank you, Tom!

    1. You are very welcome, Thom--and I am pleased to have your amazing book in my studio!


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