Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Firsts: Denver's AnomalyCon (and what I learned there)

 A first: Suiting up like a Hatter.
(What I learned: Wear a costume to a con--even one as conservative as mine. Not participating is a creative buzz-kill. For yourself as well as others.)

Another first: Attending AnomalyCon.
(Badge art by Joe Becker https://www.facebook.com/joe.magog )
(What I learned: It was a great time--observing, meeting good folks, buying some art and books, and listening and learning from Con pros!)

 Another first: Life drawing at a con (thanks to--and photos by--Kathryn Renta https://www.facebook.com/LatchkeyArtist ). The model, Aaron Spriggs, was one of the best! I've done a lot of life drawing, but this guy's imagination and expressive poses took the blue ribbon.
(What I learned: Models with props are more fun to draw. They might never have the imagination of Aaron Spriggs, but they'll be better models if they have props.)

I'm no portrait artist (sorry Aaron) but his unique, and long-held, expressions made me want to try to be.

 Another first: Being on (some great) panels (yes I exaggerated the hat).
(What I learned: That what I learned being on a single panel could fill a research paper. No hyperbole there. I contributed--put in my two cents worth--but I listened a lot more (really) to the other panelists and to the audience. And I took away fantastic info!)

Another first: Experiencing this amount of  imaginative brain-work in one place. That hotel was bursting with creative costumes and creatures, goofy hand-made machines, and phenomenal artwork.

(What I learned: Buy the art when you like it. I saw some nice bookmarks by Sarin Tatroe http://sariochan.deviantart.com/ and didn't purchase them. Now, I want.
(Luckily Sarin is kind and will send them after the fact.)

 But I did snag this original piece by Joe Oliver early on--and it's going on my illustrators wall-of-honor. Check out his blog here http://jolimint.blogspot.com/

And check out all the artists of AnomalyCon here
then click on their links and support their art!

Another first: Hearing Pandora Celtica perform live! Photo by Rich Spears
The group's jaw-dropping vocals and harmonies, creative songs and arrangements, and clear, unique lyrics made me an instant fan.
(What I learned: Pandora Celtica is primo talent, and I'm glad I bought a cd).

A repeat First: Attending AnomalyCon.
(What else I learned: All cons are not equal. Thanks to Kronda Seibert https://www.facebook.com/KSAuthor , Kathryn Renta, and the whole crew, this con ran as smoothly as a well-oiled, clock-work-steam-shooting-deisel-driven monster.
Best of all, it was warm, friendly, intelligent, and welcoming.)

Looking forward to AnomalyCon 2016. I wouldn't miss it. You shouldn't either.

And please click on all the links--your support to everyone involved means a tremendous amount.

Thanks for reading!


  1. So happy to have read through your experience at AnomalyCon. Love how you so succinctly address all the points that were meaningful to you. I will enjoy going back in and checking out the artists mentioned. Very happy to have connected with you on fb - I think my friend Joyce C. had mentioned your work and I am glad she did.

    1. Thank you for your thoughtful comments Lisa, and for checking out the links. I too am pleased to have made your fb acquaintance. Your work is fresh!

  2. Heya Tom! Thanks again for the nice Pandora Celtica write up! It was great getting to meet you at AnomalyCon and to join you on a few panels! I absolutely love your art and I look forward to seeing more of it and reading your epic blog posts! Cheers and way to go after your bliss! - Chaz www.chazkemp.com

    1. Hi Chaz--You are very welcome. And likewise--meeting you, your art, and the music of your group were definitive highlights of AnomalyCon! (Thanks for the kind words and for sharing this on Fb--I appreciate it!)


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