Wednesday, March 25, 2015

The Old Witch is a Poster!
 The Old Witch studio set-up.

I've posted about the process before:
 Now I'm posting about the product.
 Here's a detail of the painting: Leaning on her human-femur cane, she (and her crabby owl) are offering you a succulent apple. This suspicious twosome is available as an 8" x 10" mini-poster!

The great people at Colorline in Golden, Colorado have printed her on heavy weight, premium stock, and she's beautiful (as only a fairy-tale witch could be)! Please check her out, and also the other heavy weight mini-posters Colorline has printed from my watercolors by clicking on the link:

And if you're in the Denver Metro area, support local business and consider Colorline for your printing needs!


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