Monday, April 13, 2015

An Un-Stilted, Still-Life Workshop!
Clock study. Pen and ink, gouache on brown paper.

Looking forward to an upcoming workshop I'll be teaching at Foothills Art Center--sort of a whacked still-life drawing course--for all ability levels!
MugMan with a Mug. Pen and ink, watercolor.

As a young artist, I stubbornly disliked--no, detested--drawing objects from life. But that was not the object's fault. My art-brain was a late bloomer, and I just couldn't make the connection between what my imagination was seeing and what my eyes observed. Thus, I felt stilted and unfortunately, very angry.
Still life progression. Pencil, pen and ink, on toned paper.

It wasn't any fault of my instructor's either, but I just couldn't separate some personalities from the art I loved and wanted to create. Ugh--that nasty, handcuffing, internal rebel. So I refused to study objects.

Luckily, art (and maturity) has a way of unlocking the most obnoxious pig-headedness, and opening one up to a lot of joy. At some point the realization dawned that I could draw an object from life without having to be a camera. (Photo-realism just ain't for me.)
Denver Coaster. Pen and ink, watercolor.

So I hope to make this still-life class a fun one at the great Foothills Art Center--please join me if you can! (I will even try to help you separate my personality from the kind of art you love.)

Thanks for the visit!

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