Monday, April 6, 2015

Reckless Deck with the Denver Illustration Salon
Vampire in a Victorian Topcoat with an animal familiar, wand, and tribal jewelry

It's a mash up that originated from the Reckless Deck.

 While I didn't quite understand the concept back then, I got a chance to experience it at the Denver Illustration Studio's Drink 'n' Draw last week. This Drink 'n' Draw is always a relaxed good time, but doing the deck added an interesting twist to the evening.

Character Drawing as subject was selected, and then
two sets of cards were drawn. Participants got to choose between the Vampire with Victorian frock coat, animal familiar, wand, and tribal jewelery; or a zombie with stuff I can't remember (since I chose the vampire). A 90 minute time-limit was decided upon, and we drew and talked over a few beers.
Here are some of the Zombie results from the crew.
And some of the Vampires.
Here's my sketch with some additional shading after the time limit expired.
For me, it was not just a great time--it was a creativity boost.
thanks for reading!


  1. Neato ~! Is this akin to Steampunk in any way?

    1. It will definitely help create new Steampunk-character iterations Erik =]

  2. Awesome! I just ordered my very own deck. Can't wait for it to arrive.
    I think I see some fun D&Ds ahead. :)

    1. Bring it, Mike! Looking forward to drink, draw, and deck.


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