Monday, June 15, 2015

I Heart Sketches and Drawings 1
If I had to choose between making finished artworks or drawing in a sketchbook, I'd choose the latter in a heartbeat.
I love sketchbook drawing because of the freedom; no deadlines, no restraints, and no pressure.
If I start worrying about whether a sketch I'm making is "good", it's time to put the pencil down and take a walk or something, because the whole point of a sketchbook is staying in the present; experimenting, learning, and playing.

And if I had to choose between looking at finished paintings, or checking out sketches by other artists, my choice would be the same. Viewing the sketches and preliminary drawings of other artists will always top my list of joys and necessities.

A page from Albert Hurter's sketchbook...

 ...and a sketch by Edward Lear.

Both these sketches/drawings get my heart pumping. I have that reaction much less often in a museum or gallery filled with gilt-framed, finished paintings, because sometimes (not always) the artist's self-awareness in a finished work is too obvious. It's like reading a novel where the author's read-between-the-lines-message is "Isn't my talent precious and amazing?" Ugh.

Give my eyes (and my ticker) a fresh, spontaneous sketch any day.

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