Tuesday, June 23, 2015

I Heart Sketches and Drawings 2

 Ent Wife sketch


It's been said that if everyone meditated, the world would be a kinder place. I agree. More people oughta sketch too, for the same reason.

I've been very lazy lately, thus am behind on every project. So this post is about one sketch I did when I should've been seriously working on those aforementioned projects. Yep, I'm a bit frantic now, but don't regret doing this drawing.

Seems like, at some point, every magazine or newspaper since (at least) the 60s has tagged each new generation as the "laziest" bunch ever seen on the face of the earth. And I don't remember a time when old folks weren't grumbling about the same thing. Lately, probably thanks to soulless Fox News propagandists, and serious Tea Partiers [do they even know how to party?] it seems the "once-a-hippie-now-a-conservative" group (read hypocrites) are freaking out--blaming the Millenials for having no work ethic.

I was too young to be a hippie--I'm a tail-end boomer who can be lazy just like every other human being. But I conscientiously try not to be a mean-spirited hypocrite, or believe every "trending" (that word gags me) media freak-out. And I know how to party--even if my idea of partying is a day spent with my sketchbook.

At least when I'm lazily holding a pencil I can't point the blame-finger.

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