Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Victorian Watercolor Techniques at Foothills!
This coming August, I'm excited to be teaching a unique watercolor workshop covering different techniques from the Victorian era!

The British Victorians were an inquisitive and adventurous people, and the artists and illustrators of that era were no exception.
 I won't overwhelm you with too many different techniques, but those artists/illustrators used many!
The mouse above illustrates one approach--using watercolor to "tint" a drawing, while the first illustration--Goblins at the Door--illustrates the Victorian watercolorist's penchant for layering color. I will also be covering the techniques of the Golden Age British illustrators like Arthur Rackham, W. Heath Robinson, and others!
This Victorian House illustration demonstrates their use of Chinese white or "bodycolour" along with transparent watercolors. This was a departure from the purist watercolors of the previous, so-called "old-school" watercolorists, the majority of whom were decidedly in favor of pure transparency in their paintings.
And then there were the Pre-Raphaelites, who, along with many other painters, dived into William Holman Hunt's "bird's nest method" of painting with tiny strokes and hatch-marks over a tinted ground. Dante Gabriel Rossetti's watercolor methods using gum arabic will also be covered.
This workshop runs three evenings on three consecutive Wednesdays, and
you can view the details by clicking on the link below:
Sarmo's Victorian Watercolor Workshop

If you're in town, and want a fresh and new watercolor class, I hope you will join us!
Thanks for checking it out!

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