Monday, January 11, 2016

Reasons: My Plein Air List

 House by the San Juans, an oldie from 2009

I've always loved landscapes in art. Painting and drawing them, looking at those created by others, and just studying them as I walk. But recently I've had a renewed excitement in getting outside and working from life.

Sometimes I go out sketching by myself, but I much prefer painting with the DIS Plein Air Club. It's not always easy to leave the warmth and convenience of the studio, but it's majorly worth the extra effort.
Among many, here are four reasons why I do it:

1. Like fishing, it's meditative and relaxing
There's that amazing suspension of time that occurs while painting outside, with none of the distractions that occur in my home studio. (Check out that artist, dwarfed by majestic cottonwoods, and deep into the experience.)

2. There's a ton of info to be had from nature
I love books, and learn from them all the time, but learning with the bonus of fresh air and nature can't be beat.

 3. It stimulates my imagination
This tree, resembling a charging Ent, caught my eye...

...and I quickly sketched it's gesture in ballpoint pen while a couple of fellow artists finished up their paintings;

Xander worked with gouache... did Clay.

4. It's a really good time
Even though I'm scowling from the bright sunlight, I have a blast painting and learning with these guys; the conversation after each session is as rich with info as the actual art-ing. 
Sometime I'll post more of my reasons for doing plein air work, but I bet you've plenty of your own.
As always, thanks for reading!


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