Monday, October 31, 2016

Muses and Gameplay (and Open Studios) at Helikon Gallery!

Chasing Coin by Ray Munoz, for Gameplay
Helikon Gallery and Studios continues its gratifying habit of producing high-quality art shows--this time with Gameplay and Muses of Mount Helikon IV!

"Gameplay is a group exhibit of unique and original artwork inspired by the influence, history, and current state of video games. This interactive genre of art has had a major impact on our pop culture, helping define the pastime of a whole generation and sparking heated debates about its role in our lives. 
The show includes tributes to specific games and series, new takes on classic titles, and homages to the aesthetics and themes of video games. All work in Gameplay is small and affordably priced, making it easy to start or expand an art collection or find a unique, memorable gift for the geek in your life."

Below are a few more pieces from the show:

Doorkeeper by Kayla Edgar for Gameplay

Liu Kang by John Van Horn for Gameplay

Here's the link to the Facebook event:

Crude by Joe Vaux for Muses of Mount Helikon IV

The Archer by John Park for Muses of Mount Helikon IV

 About MUSES IV:

"Helikon Gallery is proud to present the next installment of our year-end, definitive group exhibit of inspiring and influential contemporary artists known as Muses of Mount Helikon IV. This annual show is an invite-only exhibit of artists from across the United States, known for being large, eclectic, colorful, and featuring high-level work in the illustrative arts – a loose term encompassing portraiture, figurative art, illustration, and narrative, imaginative artwork.

The Muses were Greek goddesses of inspiration said to dwell upon Mount Helikon. In accordance with this classical myth, Muses IV has no restriction on theme or concept, but rather serves as an encouragement for artists to show their newest and most expressive personal works."

Jésus, a small work by Daliah Ammar for Muses of Mount Helikon IV

Here's the link to the Facebook event:

And there's more!

One of many Suggestive Succulents by Kaitlin Zeismer for the first Shop Showcase
"Join Helikon for our first-ever Shop Showcase, a new program in our retail space that devotes a large area to the works of a single artist.

"Kaitlin Ziesmer has previously shown with Helikon in her duo exhibit with Robin 1000, Electropop, and in a number of group shows including Muses of Mount Helikon II and Screenplay. Her work is well-known around Denver and has been exhibited across the United States.

This feature includes an array of small, affordable original paintings from her Suggestive Succulents series as well as special offers on her collection of prints."

More info and imagery at:

In addition, Helikon's halls are always filled with original art, and the resident artist studios will be open for the Receptions on November 3rd from 6 - 10 pm and for First Friday on November 4th from 6 - 10 pm. The studios are also filled with incredible art for enjoyment and purchase.

Your support of working artists builds your collection, and allows us to continue making great art! 
Entry to Helikon for both evenings is free and open to the public, including complimentary food and drink as well as limited off-street parking.

Come see me in my studio in the BEST gallery in Denver! Click the link for more info:

And thank you for reading and for your patronage of the arts!

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