Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Workshops at Art Makers Denver 2017!

I'm returning again to Art Makers Denver, and this year's urban retreat is going to be even better than the last three! I'll be teaching two workshops over the three days.

My Designing and Drawing Costumes Workshop:
"This step-by-step workshop will have you designing and drawing costumes and clothing styles from the past—or wherever your imagination takes you! Draw costumes for fun, fashion design, children’s books, paper dolls, whatever! It’s easy once you discover these illustration secrets."

My Painting Amusing Animals and Mischievous Monsters Workshop:
"You’ll learn great new techniques for acrylic painting, techniques for creating whimsical and funny creatures (with luminous eyes!) and techniques for painting an abundance of textures. And you’ll leave with stunning paintings plus the knowledge to paint just about anything with acrylics. Even those familiar with acrylics will learn unique techniques for livening up artworks and creating more imaginative paintings."

As an experienced illustrator, I've used all these methods in character design for the film industry, children's books, poster designs, and gallery work. And I've over thirty years experience teaching both beginning and experienced artists these amazing techniques with great success. None of them are difficult and all of them are rewarding.
Here's the Art Makers Denver video from 2015 (I'm at 5:03 if you want to skip ahead):

 If you want to learn some solid, useful, and really fun art methods, you won't want to miss my workshops--and I hope you'll join me at Art Makers Denver 2017!

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