Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Hansel and Grethel

Hansel and Grethel. Mixed media/collage on wood. Finished work in private collection. This is "in progress". Trying to decide on the next step, altho I know it's almost finished. The photo shows it much cooler and fluorescent looking than it is. Found an old gradebook page with some weird grey greens and red dots on it and stuck it on a wood tray. This follows a set of three St. Francis pics done similarly. Will post them in a few, as well as the finished version of this.

The first pic is actually the finished version. Sometimes posting these makes me see the stuff that needs work more easily. I warmed it up and now it looks old and dirty--perfect!


  1. this should be commented, cause it could get lost in the forest, where the critical influences whispering worthlessness... that same old lie which witches spred all over the hänsels and grethels of the world.
    you know the truth tom.

  2. Thanks Harald, I appreciate it. Sometimes I think I know the truth, but sometimes the witches get the best of me. And luckily, we have Grethels to help us out of the mess :))


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