Friday, April 22, 2011

Goblin with His Bowl and Favorite Green String

Goblin with His Bowl and Favorite Green String, watercolor, approx. 4" x 4".  This little guy began as a sketch years ago, then progressed to a watercolor sketch left unfinished for a few more years. Re-drew him a couple of days ago and finally gave him his due.

He's definitely from the tradition of Brueghel and Bosch--artists I've studied and admired for years.  Brian Froud and lots of other great illustrators have carried on the tradition of drawing little people dragging or wearing their pots and pans around.

This fellow has straw on his head (a symbol of insanity in 19th century art). Or maybe it's hair, in which case he's just crabby, and then the piece of string has no special significance to him.

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