Thursday, April 28, 2011

Wary Green Bird

Wary Green Bird. Stoneware with matte green glaze, approx 9" tall. Private collection.

Since the switch to an electric kiln, my sculpture has suffered.  This is the newest bird.  In an earlier posting, I wrote of the process of making these guys.  Didn't have much luck then, because 50% of the birds developed cracks in the glaze fire. I switched to paperclay.  No cracks in the second round! I like this one, but the second bird in the paperclay batch did not take the stain/glaze combination well. . The bits of green and blue glaze all came out looking like grasshopper spit (didn't waste a shutter-click on that one). So again, only a 50% success rate.
Paperclay I'm not in love with.  It was harder to carve--couldn't see the details for the mold that infused the clay (I would have to buy the clay the day I press it, I guess). And the particles of paper would gunk up my tools a bit. In addition, the porosity caused the glaze failure I'm guessing.

We've slowed down the fire, so I'm going back to paperless clay. Eventually, something will work.


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