Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The Mountains, a Deer, and some Street Musicians

Haven't painted in a week or so--took a bit of a break in the mountains. I was certain I would find some inspiration there. Instead I found some noisy and fun company, but also some solitude.  Climbed above town one afternoon, sat in the shade under a Gambel Oak, and observed the birds and the flies.

On the way down I startled this young deer with velvet on his horns.  He froze and so did I. Not being a nature photographer, I stared at him while he watched me. When I finally remembered I had a camera, he had trotted up the hill, so this was the pic I snapped.

In the mountain town, I listened to a few street musicians.  They fascinate me--pretty much anyone who can play an instrument does. It is magical that a human, through some tube or a box with strings, can fill up the street with such beautiful, ever changing sounds  So that evening I passed the time sketching these little street musicians and other random guys. And that's it for this post--some random photos that may inspire a landscape painting down the road, and some unrelated sketches that will definitely find their way into some artwork. 

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