Monday, August 15, 2011

Owl pellet and bones

Always wanted to find and dissect an owl pellet. Honestly though, the idea of rooting through the poop at the foot of the cottonwoods and then sterilizing the pellet in my oven didn't sound like what I was after.  So I bought one pre-sterilized.  This is what was inside.  Still have a bit to go.  I wouldn't make it as a paleontologist or an archaeologist.  Way too impatient for the bit-by-bit unearthing.
After a peroxide soak, the two mouse skulls, one rat skull, and a bottle of bones are nicely whitened. I'm ready to draw them, which was pretty much the main object all along.


  1. Where would one find a pre-sterilized piece of owl droppings? On one hand I'm fascinated and on the other I'm grossed out :) I'm looking forward to seeing your drawings of the bones!

  2. Oh, well the pellet isn't owl droppings. I wasn't really clear, was I? It's the regurgitated indigestible matter--bones, fur, feathers--from the owl's diet that ends up below the perch. Vomit, I guess. Somehow that's probably not encouraging :) You can buy 'em online cheap--Hanta Virus free! You know you want one...


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