Wednesday, September 28, 2011

A new St. Francis painting

Used another scrap of oak floorboard and painted it Cadmium Red. Painted in a rough sketch of Francis with black acrylic.  The finished painting was done for the Capuchin Province of Mid-America, as a small part their annual fundraiser.

They are a group of friars who work hard all over the world, in the places no one else wants to go, for the smallest, most forgotten of us. To check out more of what they do, please visit:

The painting was then completed, but the warm colors felt a bit hot to me, and the cold colors seemed too pure for my eye.

So I softened and greyed the colors with glazes using matte medium. This pic is closest to the real thing, but in actuality, the accurate colors fall somewhere between these two photos.

St. Francis at Sunset (detail). Acrylic on wood, approx.6" x 9". Private collection.
I like this one quite a lot, and his message of peace, non-violence, and friendship is (and always has been, I guess) badly needed these days.

My next post is another work on a piece of floor board, but it's a goofy one.

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