Sunday, October 30, 2011

A life drawing from a museum mount

A bit more practice working from life--well, the poor animal is dead and stuffed.  Took a bit of a break before hitting the painting table in earnest and wandered around the Museum of Nature and Science before settling on this fellow.  I had drawn this specimen many times before as an art student.  Glad it is still in the museum.

I like to use watercolor in this inexpensive sketchbook.  The paper wrinkles up but the washy color goes onto this particular paper with a soothing flow.  In fact, the whole experience was soothing and without pressure.

I was inspired to do some more sketching from life after I came across Matteo Grilli's amazing watercolors in his blog.  Check it out--you won't be sorry.
What do you think--remarkable works, no?


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