Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Tile designs from my sketchbook, and a FishDiver Tile

 I must have been feeling cheap when I drew these tile designs over an old, previous sketchbook page.  I was studying drawings of children for a class I took long ago, hence the pencil drawings of the girls.  

 More tile designs--the one in the upper left became a tile I like very much.  It became the finished tile posted below. All of them reflect my obsession with "little guys".  The one on the upper right features a BeanMan that seems to creep into most of the ideas I have.  I think he's a Humpty Dumpty variation. There's really nothing like ol' Humpty Dumpty for me--he's always been a poke to my muse.

Above is an enlargement of the design for a Fish tile.  I like the way Strathmore sketchbook paper takes watercolor.

Next, a final FishDiver tile, this one glazed in warm amber.  It's a thick tile, almost 3/4 of an inch. I posted it to Facebook--so far they haven't censored it, haha!

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