Wednesday, January 4, 2012

A new stuffed goblin/little guy

 Armless and legless for now, he's gonna have to be patient until I'm sure of the design.

This time I skipped the gesso-coat step, and liked the result and the way the paint flowed onto the muslin. Very happy with this iteration of the process.


  1. where's the limbs? how they gonna get on there?

  2. With a face like that, who needs appendages? So fun!

  3. Thank you for appreciating my work, your comment on my blog is a compliment coming from a mind as creative as yours.

  4. Ruth, I'm gonna spot weld 'em!

    Elizabeth, he has to have appendages--without them his whole body looks a little...umm...inappropriate :)

    Victor, you are welcome and kind!


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